Panjang Ready to Act as Regional Hub Port

Panjang Ready to Act as Regional Hub Port

In line with the expectation of logistics business players to make Lampung province as the centre of logistics activities in Southern Sumatera, Port of Panjang as the gateway of trade within the province, is ready to act as a hub port in shipping cargoes of export and import.

In addition to its modern facilities, better port infrastructure, and application of digital system, some mother vessels of world’s leading shipping company, have opened direct service to this port.

This port is also supported by completed modes of transportation (land transport, railway, and international airports). This will be very probable for a multi-modal system, though a real action to build integration among the modes is still a homework for immediate action.

“In view of the factors of economy potency, availability of modes of transportation, readiness of port infrastructure, facilities, and IT system, we dare to say that Panjang Port is completely ready to be developed as regional hub port for Southern Sumatera,” Drajat Sulistyo, General Manager of Panjang Port said in presentation to the recent Logistics Conference and Assembly Meeting of ALFI/ILFA (Indonesia Logistics and Forwarders’ Association), in Lampung, February 6, 2020.

But, just like business players of logistics and forwarding business, Drajat calls for an integration among modes of transportation, including direct access between the Port of Panjang with Trans Sumatera Toll Road.

Geographically, Panjang is located at the international trade lane together with Malacca Strait, while the port is naturally created to be a deep sea port with deeper channel and basin, no need for dredging.

Other strengths for this port to be a hub are the facts that more than 90% of cargoes are of export/import and for industrial products.

This port has also been developed into zoning in which it has dedicated terminals for container, dry bulk, Ro-Ro, and multi-purpose terminals. In addition, the digital system adopted for any services including at the gate-in.

“We also have built facility of CFS centre in which any consolidation activities can be run,” said Drajat.

Ready to Support Logistics Centre

Drajat absolutely supports the initiation of ALFI to make Lampung Province as the centre of logistics activities of Southern Sumatera. As reported earlier, at the recent Logistics Conference titled ‘Optimizing Logistics Connectivity through Synergy and Friendly-Investment in Lampung Province’ ALFI proposed to make this province as the centre of logistics activities for southern region of Sumatera Island.

ALFI Chairman Yukki Nugrahawan Hanafi and Chairman of ALFI Chapter Lampung H. Zamzani on their remark speeches presented the potencies of this province, but called for improvement of connectivity among modes of transportation.

Quoting the potential economy growth which was accounted to 5.7% in 2019 and the strategic position of Lampung Province, Yukki and Zamzani were agreeing if Lampung is very potential to be the centre of logistics and distribution hub for southern part of Sumatera Island.

But, both call for improvement of infrastructure and connectivity within the region.

“Let the Sumatera toll road is connected with some gateways of cargo distribution as well as with some hinterland,” said Yukki. In addition, Yukki expect for the development of some industrial centres and Logistics bonded zone (PLB).

Zamzani meanwhile expects for building direct toll access to some distribution gateway. “Just execute the plan to build direct toll to Panjang Port. This is an example of building better connectivity,” he said.

Drajat absolutely supports those initiation, saying the port is absolutely ready for this initiation. “In addition to the infrastructure, facilities, and digital system we have adopted, there have been direct calls to this port. Some big vessels of leading global shipping companies have routinely called at this port in a weekly based.”

“So, no doubt, this port is absolutely ready to support any logistics activities not only for Lampung Province but all the regions in the southern part of Sumatera Island. We are totally ready for that even to be hub port for this region,” Drajat proudly said.


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